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Pay-per user plans

We believe that pay-per-user plans are the fairest and most cost-effective way to deliver IT support. You're free to decide what devices and systems are best for your business. We'll scope your IT support on a simple head count.

  • Know what you're going to spend: once you've decided on your staffing profile, you can plan your IT budget for the year, with no unexpected blow-outs.
  • Ask for whatever help you need: when you know that the support you get is not billed by the hour, you can allow any of your staff to pick up the phone and ask for our help. There's no need to get extra costs approved, so they can get help straight away.
  • All the Hardware and Software Upgrades you need: when you buy new hardware or software we will install it as part of the plan, because the plan is intended to cover everything you would expect of an in-house IT team.
  • Get the best service: because costs are agreed up-front, we can spend as long as it takes to fix the problem and modernise your systems - and you don't pay more.
  • Get a full Disaster Recovery plan and have it tested: our per-user plans also include the a fully documented Disaster Recovery plan. We then carry out a test of this plan annually to ensure that it will work when you need it to.
  • The truth is, sometimes bad stuff happens!!: and sometimes things just go wrong. Something breaks, systems crash, viruses get let in, etc. Our per-user plan is like an insurance policy. On our per-user plan our support services are not going to blow a hole in your budget when something goes wrong. We manage the systems and so we wear the risk.
  • A Team of IT Experts at your disposal: typically a small business will be assigned a primary engineer, however you will always have a team of engineers with various specialties at your disposal to ensure that your business has the expertise it needs to cater for every situation.
  • Get advice you can trust: if we advise you to add devices to your network, or upgrade your server, you'll know it's the right solution. You'll have immediate confidence that our only goal is giving you the best advice for your business.
  • 28-day cooling off period: every new plan comes with a 28-day cooling off period. If you decide a per-user plan isn't the best fit - for whatever reason - you can end the agreement within 28 days, without incurring new costs.

Our Per-User plans start from a low $594 per month for On-Site support of 4 employees in the Sydney CBD no mater how many devices or servers your business has, and the per-user rate gets better as you add users.

For a comprehensive scope of all that is included in out Per-User support plans please contact us. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the inclusions.

Enterprise Retainer plans

Excelan offers volume pricing plans for customers with larger requirements who still prefer to pay on an hourly basis. If your average needs are large enough, but difficult to predict, our retainer plan can lock in a volume rate that is available as and when you need our services.

Pre-paid support

Do you have a project coming up that is going to require more than just casual support? Whatever your project, we can tailor a bundle for you.

Ad hoc support

Our ad hoc support plan gives access to industry-accredited engineers without making any long term commitment. The service is classic ‘pay for what you use’ with no bells and whistles. This is a great way to get to know Excelan and determine if we are the right fit for your business.

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