Hitchcock & Associates

We're communicating with clients all over the world, 24 hours a day. Excelan gives us a very stable IT platform, which is critical to the success of our business. I've always found them to be proactive rather than reactive. They're in here on a regular basis, checking our systems to see that everything is running smoothly. If there's a problem coming down the track, because our servers are getting too full or our software licenses are running out, they let us know.

Because we're ahead of the curve all the time, there are very few situations where Excelan needs to be reactive. But when things do happen, they're on to it in no time. They're always accessible, and they own the problem. They put in the hard yards to get us back up quickly.

I also appreciate that they're not in the business of trying to sell us things: more expensive hardware and more expensive software. We trust them. Excelan quickly understands what our business needs, and have provided reliable service for years now.

We always have the same engineer working on our IT. He knows our system inside out, every nook and cranny. He knows all our staff on first name terms. We just see him as being one of our team.

- Cecil Bass, Managing Director, Hitchcock & Associates, Migration Agents

Electra Frost Accounting

We prepare tax returns for individuals and companies, and we need accounting software to do that. A day where our IT is not working is a day of lost revenue, and potentially the loss of a client. What we pay Excelan in our service contract is trivial compared to the confidence that our IT systems will work.

Choosing Excelan is one of the best business decisions that we've made. When we set out looking for a firm to maintain our IT, we very much had in mind that we needed a long-term partner who we could rely on implicitly. We chose Excelan because the way they structure their service made sense to us, and their pricing was realistic for what we asked for. They are a similar-sized company to us, they understood our needs and they are going to grow with us.

Excelan have always been respectful of our ideas. We're quite tech savvy people, and often have suggestions for how we want to do things, such as just going with a generic server. Svend and his engineer gave us very intelligent justification for the system that they were recommending, so we could be absolutely certain of a clear cost benefit over time.

We're probably an awkward client for most IT solutions providers, because we have a small number of uses, but use a wide range of accounting systems within the firm, from Xero to Sassou. Excelan's engineer has gone above and beyond what we expected them to help with. He's looked after liasing with the software providers when we've had technical problems with MYOB. He's interfaced with everyone in the business to make our lives easier.

- Joe Frost, Partner, Electra Frost Accounting

L.J. Hooker Double Bay

Excelan really just do everything for us. From our server to setting up new machines, to printers , anything to do with computers, they take care of. We can concentrate on our core business.

We sell and rent properties, so a lot of our sales enquiries come via the internet. It'd be a dreadful thing if our email was down, so if there's ever a problem, Excelan is on to it straight away. They just take the stress away from us.

One Friday, we had an issue with one of our computers, so I called Svend and left him a message. Sure enough, an hour later he was here at our office. No matter what issue we have, they're always here for us. They just say "Leave it with us. Don't worry, we'll sort it out."

Excelan knows our business inside out. They know how it runs, and we're comfortable leaving our IT in their capable hands.

- Maria Koutsakis, Office Manager, LJ Hooker Double Bay

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